Friday, 20 July 2012

The Conspiracy Thread II

In my previous post of months ago The Conspiracy Thread I, I spoke about the US and the "birthers". This time I will speak about groups that control the world. A few examples include the Bilderberg group, the Freemasons and the Elders of Zion.

Little Info
Apparently we are all puppets. There are groups in this world who aim to control you. It seems they're actually successful at doing so too. I had a discussion recently with someone I know, who told me that the entire Arab Spring was orchestrated by groups, which run the US. He said these are probably the Bilderberg group and the Freemasons. The Knights Templar might also be involved.
These groups are responsible for war and peace around the world. They orchestrate everything, including the financial crisis, which made them even richer. Of course, all of this is based on nothing more but anecdotal evidence, but it doesn't stop people for believing in them. The reason for why these groups exist, why people believe they're evil villains will be explained in parts below.

The Villains
Let's first see what the conspiracy theorists get right. I will only speak about the Freemasons in detail, but they usually use very similar arguments for the other groups.
So, the Freemasons are a group of people, who originated many centuries ago. The way they work is that they have initiation rites and rituals. Most of these have been kept secret for this entire time. Few rituals are known exactly. This secretive nature is what gives rise to many theories about them, since all meetings happen behind closed doors. Membership is by invitation only and some very influential people were or are part of the society. This includes kings, celebrities, bankers, and so on. This adds to the entire message that the Freemasons actually conspire against the common people in their own interests.
It is of note that the Freemasons also have certain rules to join and the most prominent one is to express your belief in a single deity. This usually means that and polytheist or even atheist could not join the group.

The Freemasons are believed to influence the world by deciding on policies in these secret meetings. They are involved in everything including finance, wars, drugs, terrorism, coup d'etats and more.

There are many problems with these thoughts. The first problem is that it does not make sense for a group to be able to manipulate so many people at the same time. First of all, the question is how ? For example, if I were Syrian, what would push me to protest in the streets and risk getting shot at ? According to the conspiracy theorists, the Freemasons or other groups would be manipulating me to go out there. How are they doing that ? On top of this, how would they get me, my sons, my father, my uncles and others to go out there and get shot as well ? None of this makes sense. It makes a lot more sense to go out there and protest because the Syrian government has more than a dozen police agencies which are tasked to make sure no one speaks out against the government.
The second problem I see is that there are many reasons to keep meetings secret or private. It's because they just do not want people to know what they're talking about. When I speak to a family member about personal issues, I don't want other people to know what I'm talking about. The Freemasons is basically a giant network of rich or influential people, they probably discuss business matters all the time, which are to be private.

Too Much Power
The biggest problem of them all is that if it were all true and these groups can basically mind-control the entire world, then it means they are too powerful for me. I'd much rather live my life in ignorance and be happy, enjoying life with my family, going to work and providing food for my children and so on. It just would not make any sense to fight such powerful people who can overhear anything and manipulate 500 thousand people to go out on Tahrir square all at the same time to protest a leader that might have possibly send the military to kill them all.
While Good vs. Evil fights always end up with Good overcoming Evil in fairytales; If Evil truly were that powerful, then it would be better to live our lives in peace and enjoy ourselves.

The End

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