Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Syria in Trouble

The Syrian people are being killed every day by its rulers. The government is supposed to help its people and provide for them, but instead the Syrian government is sending soldiers to attack its populace. Nothing is being done as people stay and wait passively without raising their voices. Russia and China, who are friends of the Syrian government chose to veto a UN council vote against the Syrian crackdown on the protesters.

If nothing is done, the voice of the people will fall silent to violence and bullets.
In numbers:

  • 18000 people are arbitrarily detained
  • 25000 people have sought refuge in neighboring countries
  • 70000 people are internally displaced
  • 300 people have been murdered in Homs over the last 10 days
  • 5400 people have been murdered over the past year

These are a people who are fighting for the same rights you and I have in Western countries.
Help them by voicing your opinion about it to people around you, signing petitions online and raising awareness about this.

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