Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Goldstone Report Summary (with hindsight)

Goldstone's op-ed

Interesting read.

Points to make:
First of all; - Mr Goldstone does not retract nor regret his original report and stands by it, all he says is that some of the conclusions would have been different as explained below:
- Hamas is guilty of crimes against civilians
- Hamas has not done any proper investigations
- Goldstone had hoped that it would make Hamas more responsible and create its own investigations
- Israel is not targeting civilians as a matter of policy and any commander being found guilty of purposefully attacking civilians will be held accountable
- Goldstone also thinks that if Israel and/or Hamas had cooperated the report would have been more accurate, since it was based on facts known to him at the time (seems to always be the case, since you cannot know what you would know in the future o.O)
- Goldstone supports the application of international law in any armed conflicts (both symmetric and asymmetric warfare) and he believes that thanks to this report both the Palestinian Authority and Israel (not Hamas) have undertaken policy changes to curtail the suffering of innocent civilians.

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